Stand In From Rise Of Ashanti

The Rise of Ashanti Part 1

Card Moon by ASAP Mob is the follow-up to 2021’s platinum album, Dot The Dot. Now that ASAP is gearing up for his second album, he’s brought back his classic blend of trap-worthy bass and trap-pop production to produce another hit. Produced by ASAP himself (who did the beats on both albums), the songs on Card Moon are just as catchy.

Just as impressive, but also just as diverse. It has a certain feel to it that makes you feel as though you’re not really hearing some Top 40 music, but instead something more along the lines of “ool),” “oop,” “yeah,” and “ahhaha.” It’s perfect for those people who love the old school vibe but don’t want it replaced with some overly-tech hip-hop.

If you’ve been following ASAP’s career at all, then you know he can change the course of a song with a simple addition of one of his famous falsetto barks, mixed with a sample from any of his favorite top 40 songs. What you may not know is that the bulk of his material on Card Moon was produced by No I.D., an underground producer that gained international fame after producing Justin Timberlake’s “Timberton” and Mariah Carey’s “Dreamgirls.” No I.D. also handled the beat for Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie,” and J.Lo’s “Take Me Home.”

While it hasn’t received quite the commercial reception heard with previous ASAP albums, Card Moon still manages to maintain its momentum. The songs are still packed with the trap hooks and heavy production that made the band’s first two albums popular in the first place, but they’re also more polished and reflective of the artist’s own musical tastes. Listening to this album in the right mood will almost certainly make you feel as if you’re at a concert. That’s because you’ll be able to relate to most of the songs and the production.

Card Moon it’s Not A Mainstream

As far as musical influences are concerned, the band does lean towards post-modern and instrumental. Frontman Yomi Martina plays mostly bass on this album, and the piano and guitar work done by Artyle Carvalho and Joana Gilberto are topnotch. Although the melodies on Card Moon are still familiar and engaging, there’s no denying the fact that this album is a break from the norm. It also doesn’t hurt that Yomi and Yusef Islam bring fresh and interesting vocal styles to the table, creating a dynamic combination that works well.

One thing you can say about Card Moon is that it’s self-indulgent. It’s not a mainstream effort, but since it’s actually more of an experimental pop album, it ends up being a unique creation. In many ways, the album still stands apart from the pack, even though it features guest spots from artists like Rihanna, Elton John and Ashanti. Of course, the biggest and most important factor in Card Moon’s success has got to be Yusef Islam. This kid brings a fresh perspective to the world of rap and proves that it doesn’t have to be all serious and introverted.

This album has had great critical acclaim, but critics are quick to point out the problems with it. One major complaint is that the style of music is too slow. Another is that there isn’t much variety. It might be because the artist doesn’t know how to write songs anymore. But one thing is for sure – Card Moon always has the right crowd in mind. And with the help of producers like Diplo, the scope of the album will never be limited.